вторник, 29 апреля 2014 г.


1. What is your biggest success in life?
My biggest success in life was in 2012 when I got the 1st place on Russian Conference. In that year I wrote a scientific work on the Russian language.

2.What small successes do you have every day?
Every day I have to get up for going to school. I think that it's real success because sometimes it's hard to do it, especially when last night you went to bed late.

3.How would you define success?
Success is a mix of talant, opportunities and hard work. If you lose one of the ingredients you've never be successful.

4. Is success a journey or a destination?
It's a hard to say. All depend on goals. If you want to achieve success that success will be your destination. But If you have a big dream that success it's just an exciting journey for you.

5.What is your formula or recipe for success?
My formula is simple. Exact aim + ambitions + use opportunities + hard work = success. And the general rule: never be lazy because it prevents achieve goals.

6.Does success keep you happy?
Maybe, but not for a long time. For me success is a journey so I just smile when I feel successful and go forward.

7.Do you think success breeds success?
No, I think. Often when people achieve success they just stop or relax so they can't breeds success.

8. Do you think you can teach someone to be successful?
No, I definitely don't. I'm too lazy to be successful, so I can't give a good education in this sphere for anyone else. 

9. Someone once said: "Success is getting what you want; happiness is wanting what you get." Do you agree with this quote?
No, I don't. Success it's not a happiness in my opinion, you can be successful but haven't got love or money or childnen and ect. 

10.Someone once said: "The two hardest things to handle in life are failure and success." What do you think of this?
I'm sure that it's the right qoute. Whan you're failб you feel depressed and you jгst drop your hands. And when you're successful, you become conceited and too seif-confident. It's hard to find a golden mean.

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