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Describing scenes. "Paperman"

Well, the scene starts off with a sad man staying on subway platform with a stack of papers. Then suddenly one piece of paper flies past him and the man sees a woman, who trying to catch this piece of paper. The woman finally catches it and stays next to the man, who doesn't sad any more, he is smiling. At first, the wind blows and one of the man's paper fells on a woman's face. He takes it, and the woman smiles. It's just hilarious because on the sheet is a trace of her lipstick, both of them start laughing. Anyway, the trian came and the girl goes inside and the train starts moving, she looks at the window and sese his dolorous face, he
 stays and clutches the paper with the imprint of lipstick in hand. The next thing to happen is that 
at work the man's boss gives him a stack of documents, man lookes at the window and sees this girl in the opposite
 building so the man immediately desids to send a paper airplane through the window of the building. It's so funny 
because he is sending and sending and sending the airplanes but he always fails! Finally there was a single sheet left, 
the one with the imprint. He folds it and wans to send it flying, but the wind blows and it slipps out of the man's  
hands. It's ridiculous because he runs outside and see this piece of paper and he is so sad that he angrily sents the 
airplane in the sky and he reaches the house of the girl, where there were all the others sent airplanes! Eventually,
these airplanes lead a man and woman on the same subway station! In the end, they are happy to see each other.

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