четверг, 16 января 2014 г.


  • Is advertising really important in our society? Why or why not?
In my opinion, advertising is really important in our society because it our moden world there are a lot of goods and ads help people to learn more information about them.
  • Is it easy to get away from advertising?
In my point of view, it's difficult to get away from advertising. They confront us at any site or TV channel, especially pop-ups or TV commercials. All brands want to be advertised because of the high competition in the market.
  • Do you agree that advertising affects people? Why or why not?
I think that ads always affects people. Because of the ads we always buy new goods, go shopping and just spend money  on nonsense by reason of big sales.
  •  If you were a company owner would you spend money on advertising? Why or why not?
If I were a company owner, I believe that I'll spend my money on advertising because I would like my company to successfully sell their products or services.
  • Which adverts do you like most? Why?
I prefer ads of perfume, for example:
Because of the celebrity endorsements and good music.

The second ones is ads of juice "Я" :

Because of the music - it's the main criterion of select your favorite ads. This ad is short and it's important for me.
  • Which ads annoy you most? Why?
Pop-ups really annoy me! Because I can't control it and they interfere with my search for information on the site.
  • Do you usually shop around or do you buy the first product you find?
If I want to buy large item, such as a down jacket or boots I always look around. But if I want to buy a T-shirt or food I've never do it.
  • Do you read product reviews before buying anything?
I always read product reviews if I buy electronic goods but otherwise, I don't.
  • Do you check out prices and compare products on the Net?
Before go shopping I check out prices and compare products on the Net, especially clothers or things for the home. It saves time and allows you to purchase a desired item.

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