среда, 12 февраля 2014 г.

WB p.46 ex. 5. Writing task 1



Dear Pam,
Thank your for your letter. I'm glad to hear from you! How your school progect are? I hope that it's fine.

Well, I'm writing you to tell about advertising. I hate them! When I watch my favorite film on TV or just morning programm, there are a lot of adverts (4 or 5 at a time). They usually appear suddenly and you forsed to watch them for about 5 minutes! But there are some advertisments that I love. For example, adverts of juice or perfume because not onle is the music nice but also the plot of advert is creative. I don't trust advertisements because advertasers can say anything, so we bought their product. But sometimes adverts correspond to reality. So it's difficult to say about truthful of ads.

Anyway,  I'm happy that you desided to go to Spanish lessons. It's really beautiful language. How much is one lesson cost in your country? How long is the course? Do you want to go to Spain after graduation?

So, sorry but I must finish now - my mum want me to help her. Wtite me back. I'm waiting for your answer. 

Best wishes,

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