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Свободный диктант: Модуль 8 - вводная беседа

In my country, there ar mainly plains and river valleys in the south, although there are quite a few hills in the noth. In the south-west of England, where I live, there are also moorlands like Exmoor and Dartmoor. The area I like most is the Jurassic Coast because it's got beautiful bays and cliffs. A part of it's in Dorset and part of it's in Deven and it's not a word heritage side. It's important because it's got an incredible viraty of rocks, rock formations and fosels. Some of the rocks there are over 2050 millions years old. My favourite natural landmark there is Durdle Door which is a rock arch. It's huge and sticks out into the sea. It's really impressive! One of my favourite man-made landmarks is Stonehenge, a prehistoric stone circle about a 100 km west of London. It's one of the most important prehistoric sides in the world because of it size and because it's so well preserved, despite being built 4500 years ago. There are different theories about what it was used for: it could've been a burial side or it might've been a place where people came to be healed. The stone circle also functioned as a kide of observatory of the stars and planets which would've been very important for the religion of the people than. I also like the Gherkin in London, a morden skyscraper made of metal and glass with 5500 glass panels. The Gherkin is a financial area of London, the city, and was finished in 2004. It has 40 floors and it 1080 meters hight. The building is already one of  Londonres favourite landmarks and it's also one lots of prices for it's revolutionary green architecture. I think, the designs really cool. One day I'd like to visit the restaurant on the top, it mast have amazing views, you know.

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